Here’s the thing. This isn’t about having a bet. It’s bigger than that. This is about Australian jobs. Hundreds of thousands of them across the country.

The stablehand. The apprentice. The farriers and breeders. The familiar face that works the bar at your local track.

These are the everyday Aussies, that revenue from TAB goes to support and employ. In fact, TAB contributes four times more dollars to the sport you love than any of our competitors.*

And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Because we’re in love with racing, in love with the characters, the horses, the dogs; the smell of it. In love with bringing you the stuff that matters from hundreds of tracks nationwide.

In times like these where you choose to spend matters, be it your takeaway coffee, with your mate who owns the corner store or who you have a punt with. And will matter for the months ahead.

Right now, we need to stick together like never before to support our fellow Aussies through incredibly difficult times. To ensure we keep the gates crashing back. To keep the horses running in both directions depending on where you hail from.

We said at the top this wasn’t about having a bet. It’s bigger than that.